About Oddballs Camp
Accommodation in camp is provided in 3-man dome tents set on shaded, elevated wooden decks which provide a sweeping view of the area and any game that might come venturing near to camp. Each tent is equipped with mattresses, linen, duvets, pillows, towels and a small solar powered light.
The bar and lounge area has comfortable chairs and a raised viewing deck, that overlooks the delta and is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Hippos often play in the channel, and other wildlife, particularly elephant, are often to be seen. The bar serves a wide range of soft drinks, beers, ciders, wines and spirits.

No motorised activities are offered at Oddballs, only guided game walks and mekoro excursions. A mokoro (pl. mekoro) is a dug-out canoe, traditional water-craft of the Okavango. A mokoro accommodates two guests and the poler, who is also the guide who will remain your guide for the duration of your stay. This is wonderful as it enables guests to get to know their guide and his culture.

All the guides at Oddballs are born and bred in the Okavango, and many have worked there for 20 years or more, and over several generations. They are very experienced and skilled, and your experience will depend to a large extent on the relationship you strike up with your guide. Excursions usually start by mokoro, after which you will walk on some of the larger islands in the area.
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Oddballs Activities & Safaris

Walking will be an integral and significant part of your experience at any time of year, although the extent of your walks will depend on your tastes. Guests usually go out in the early morning, having a late breakfast on their return, and again in the afternoon after the midday heat has dissipated, but some elect to go out for the whole day with a packed picnic lunch.
Oddballs activities